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Smartphone Bidding

Smartphone Bidding

AES now offers the option to allow your guests to participate in the silent auction directly from their own Smartphone. No need for a Blackberry user to have to learn to use an iPhone or some other device, they can use the same device they use every day to check email, make phone calls and browse the web to participate in your auction.

The best part is that Smartphone Bidding is an add-on to our flagship Touch-Pad Auction. This means that guests who would prefer to bid on our Touch-Pad devices with their larger screens and easy to use interface, can bid on those devices while your more "tech-savy" guests can participate from their personal Smartphone at any time from anywhere they happen to be.

In addition to guests using their Smartphones at the event, invited guests who could not attend or that live out of state can now participate from their Smartphone or any computer with internet access. And don't worry, your Smartphone internet auction is password protected so that only the people you invite will be able to bid.

The unique combination of our Touch-Pads and your patrons' ability to bid simultaneously on their own web enabled Smartphone creates an unprecedented fundraising atmosphere that you must see to believe. Really, before you go any further, let us invite you to an event to witness this phenomenon first hand.

That is AES, here and now... Raising More, Helping Many!

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